Water & Irrigation

UrbanVirons ‘Water Division’ provides a holistic solution to water harvesting & irrigation and its subsequent use for residential and commercial properties around adelaide.

UrbanVirons’ experience and knowledge enable us to assist our customers make better use of effective and efficient irrigation, enabling irrigated areas to flourish in times of drought and limited water supply.

Water Services & Irrigation Installation in Adelaide

UrbanVirons pre-qualified with the G6 Councils in Adelaide, and combined with key specialist partners means we can provide an increasing range of water and irrigation services to our customer base, such as :

  • Irrigation plans
  • Drip and sub-surface irrigation installations
  • Sub-surface directional drilling
  • Water harvesting & storage
  • Rainwater tank selection & installation
  • Installation of control valves and sensors
  • Wetland landscaping & planting
  • Aquatic weed control and maintenance
  • Carp removal

If you are after any irrigation services or have an irrigation problem then why not call us right now on (08) 8290 2000 or contact us via email by clicking here and we’ll ensure to solve all irrigation issues.