Open Space Management & Grounds Maintenance Services in Adelaide

Grounds maintenance services in Parks and Reserves and open spaces is so much more than mowing and brushcutting every now and again. UrbanVirons knows this and that’s why we specialise in adelaide lawn mowing, property maintenance, open space management, and garden maintenance services.

We’ve become the No.1 provider because of our teams high level of…

Skills, Knowledge and Systems

Quality grounds maintenance services requires a surprising amount of:

  • horticultural skills knowledge
  • operator experience and skill
  • significant investment in quality machinery
  • excellent project management skills
  • quality,
  • OHS&W and Environmental management systems
  • good communications technology
  • timely data logging, recording, reporting and accountability
  • accurate and appropriate specifications and benchmark performance standards

Above all it requires team work, trust and good rapport between customer and client built over time through proven performance.

UrbanVirons Group specialise in grounds maintenance services…and we enjoy it!

Ground Maintenance Services in Adelaide

Our grounds maintenance services are extensive and cover:

  • Mowing – large and small turf areas including ovals, recreational reserves, playing fields and golf courses
  • Slashing – open spaces and over grown areas
  • Fertilising – turf and garden areas
  • Soil spreading – machine and labour hire for top dressing turf
  • Turf care – scarifying, coring, weed, insect, disease control
  • Planting – trees, drought tolerant plants, shrubs and ground covers
  • Tree care – tree reports, pruning, shaping, tree removal, stump grinding
  • Hedges – planting and trimming
  • Weed Control – seasonal programs, total and selective control
  • Insect Control – turf, plants and trees, termites, bees, wasps and ants
  • Vermin control – foxes, rabbits, carp
  • Mulching and Composting – appropriate selection, spreading and top up maintenance of garden beds
  • Irrigation – sprinkler/dripper systems, sub-surface, system selection installation and maintenance
  • Water harvesting – collection, storage and distribution
  • Design – ground maintenance program design
  • Reporting – monitoring, progress and horticultural reporting, mapping and data collection.

Open Space Management to Government, Council Assets and Commercial Sites

UrbanVirons Group currently provide grounds maintenance services to :

  • Government House
  • Housing S.A community gardens
  • Council recreational parks & reserves
  • Roadside traffic corridors
  • Commercial and Industrial premises
  • Schools, sportsgrounds, golf courses

You can ring us right now on (08) 8290 2000 or email us here and talk over your needs with our team today, whether short or long-term – we are sure we can help you too.