Data Logging

For Councils and Government Departments knowing what assets are under your control is essential.

UrbanVirons is can plot and provide geographic information system information on any asset you may need plotting. We specialise in mapping proclaimed plants as well as utility fixtures, meters, irrigation points, but can customise software to record any asset.

But if you have no idea what all this is… here’s why all this is important…

Good data / good management

Having an up to date inventory and with condition rating status and associated maintenance and repair schedules, significantly aides with forward budget predictions. It is also an aide to keeping them in good repair. Regular auditing also helps minimise potential OHS&W issues and in some instances enables timely preventative maintenance. This can then be scheduled in an orderly manner with resultant benefits.

Up to date information essential

There are many different asset management systems in use by Councils and Government, but the one common aspect they all have is for the need to regularly collect data and information from the field on the amount and the state of those assets.

UrbanVirons Group have the technical and staffing resources to gather this data on behalf of our clients. We can relay electronically, in a useable, up-loadable format, the required information for updating existing asset databases and mapping systems in common use.

Useful data collected

UrbanVirons currently collect horticultural related information for clients in South Australia such as:

  • Significant tree location and related information
  • Proclaimed plant species location and related information
  • Reserve asset information – e.g size, condition, lawn, turf, planted bed, and mulch area, equipment location, path ways, fencing, playground equipment and other fixtures etc

UrbanVirons Group partner with approved GIS service providers for the technical support required and can readily adapt or expand the information collected and reported.

Industry R&D and Innovation

UVG have now ditched the internal paperwork. After years of development, trial & error, and continuous improvement we now have gone electronic. With support of our network provider Telstra, our sinARg app is saving us so much administration time , and the costs savings are significant. This is not only invaluable in our service industry but could well be developed to benefit numerous service industries with mobile workforces.



If you want to talk to us about efficiently collecting asset information in the field, essential to good forward planning and good asset management, or how to go “paperless” then ring our office right now on

(08) 8290 2000 or email us here.

It’s another service we offer to give you the tools to better manage your assets. Give us a call… I’m sure we can help