Carp Control in Adelaide

Carp Muddy the Waters

A section of the Barker inlet wetlands just south of the South Road extension have become infested with an ever increasing number of European carp. How these fish came to be here is a mystery, however their continuing presence, and particularly their rapid increase in population, was causing a problem for the eco system and the quality of the captured fresh water.

Regretfully the feeding habit of the European carp results in the sucking up and expelling of mud which in turn, in this enclosed environment, means that fairly quickly the water becomes and remains turbid. This in turn creates a myriad of problems for other beneficial aquatic species and plants, as well as making it difficult to achieve turbidity targets set as suitable for aquifer water storage and recharge.

As part of a short term strategy leading to a more permanent solution UrbanVirons were engaged to reduce carp numbers by netting, particularly larger mature females about to spawn. At a selected time when local conditions and water levels were such as to maximise the result, the waters were sectioned off and progressively netted. Unbelievably over 400 fish were removed from this area, many at the point of spawning.

It was not any easy environment in which to work due to the amount of foreign objects that had been washed into these wetlands via the feeder drainage channels. However it was a successful campaign that promises to make a significant difference to the water quality in these wetlands.

If you are experiencing any carp problems in any of your dams or private waterways give UrbanVirons a call right now on (08) 8290 2000 or email us here, and we’ll ensure to design a way to remove this pest from your waterways or dam quickly and efficiently.