Environmental Services – Clean & Green


At UrbanVirons, everything we do is focussed on caring for our environment.  If there is a better way that we can achieve the same by using less resources, or delivering our services in a more environmentally friendly more then that is what we will do.

In-house expenditure on R&D over the years has lead to innovations and modifications to equipment and systems that are safer from a WHS and Environmental perspective.

Our in-house job Costing and job management system has saved administration/management time and a whole lot of paper, delivering efficiencies to our customers and to ourselves

Clean & Green with Steam –  educating and promoting Councils and communities about technology that can help them move away from their reliance on herbicide use in urban areas, to environmental weed control using only water.  Presentation, films, demonstration, website and social media campaigns are all part of this program.

So here’s a little bit more information about this sector of UrbanVirons…

Key Clients

Coastal Protection – Boxthorn Removal

The UrbanVirons Group specialises in a broad range of environmental services and control measures for:-

  • State Government
  • Local Councils
  • NRM Boards
  • Commercial and Industrial clients

Key Services

Pest Plant Control – Agave Removal


  • Identification, assessment, removal and disposal of low level and intermediate contaminated soil
  • Control of Proclaimed and Noxious weed species in environmentally sensitive areas
  1. Coolatai Grass
  2. Chilean Needle Grass
  3. Boneseed
  4. African Boxthorn
  5. Caltrop
  6. Broom
  7. Blackberry
  8. Willows
  9. Feral Olives
  10. Hawthorn

    Coastal Protection – Revegetation

  11. Artichoke thistle
  12. other declared plants
  • Re-vegetation of Dune systems
  • Control of Carp, Rabbits and Foxes

Environmental Compliance

Our qualified staff work closely with the E.P.A, DENR;, DPTI; N.R.M Board and local councils to ensure all control measures are undertaken in compliance with legislation and with minimal impact to the environment.

Call us right now on (08) 8290 2000 or email us here and we can discuss how to environmentally manage your property or gardens.