Landscaping Storage King St Marys

Posted on May 26, 2016 by

Storage King, 1163 – 1165 South Road, St. Marys

UrbanVirons was sub contracted by Coomsbarei Constructions to landscape the new premises which they built for Storage King on South Road. Conduits were laid underneath civil works for future Irrigation lines. The project commenced with the introduction of organic loam for site top soil. A native garden consisting of Dwarf Lomandras, Grevillea and ground cover varieties were planted as a natural layout. The process also included 2 Eukey Dwarf trees to be installed between storage units.

We were asked to construct a curved path feature in the largest of the garden beds. This also included timber steps leading to a gate. The irrigation assembly was then completed. This included the installation of a double check valve and battery powered controller to cover 3 stations.

At completion of the project it was evident that the soft landscaping adds a pleasant appeal to the building, breaks up the bitumen parking area and aids in dust suppression. The garden beds also bring tranquillity to the building which is situated on a busy main road. The Irrigation has been programmed for hassle free watering.

Storage King and Coomsbarei Constructions were very happy with the outcome of the project.

Stage 2 of the complex will take place in the near future.