Installation of Irrigation – Private Estate in Mt Barker

Posted on May 25, 2016 by


We have just completed an irrigation project for a private estate in Mt. Barker, situated on one hectare of land. We were asked to provide a solution to reduce the water bill and at the same time maintain the beautiful gardens. The previous watering system was installed ten years ago and due to a poor design and little or no maintenance, it was not operating efficiently.

Prior to commencing we carried out a thorough audit of the system and provided the owner with a station by station cost to revamp the system. We included water saving projections and detailed parts intended for use. We installed five kilometres of drip line with 4200 pins. This covered 80% of the property with the remaining 20% covered by overhead sprays.

The job commenced mid January and was completed on time in mid February. A detailed handover which included a site map was provided to the owner of the property. Part of the works included recalibrating the 32 station controller for run times, wiring issues and synchronisation

The client was very happy with the project and regular communication is still held. We are in the process of presenting the client with an Audit program. Early feedback tells us that the garden has improved out of sight in a short space of time.