UrbanVirons Wins Safety Award

Posted on August 10, 2010 by

The City of Charles Sturt presented UrbanVirons with a Certificate of Best Practical Innovation OHS – Contractor for recognition of the Safety and environmental features built into our latest weed management vehicles.

The citation recognised the benefits the implementation of the following:

  1. Chemical Venturi Induction System which enables an operator to inject chemical into the tank without the need to lift heavy containers above shoulder height.
  2. RPZ Backflow Prevention Unit which eliminates the requirement for operators to climb onto vehicles greatly reducing the risk on a fall.
  3. Safety Device Location Plate in all vehicles, the plate lists the locations of the various safety devices carried on the vehicles to save time during an emergency.

Peter Sutton, the General Manager of Corporate Services said “We talk a lot at Charles Sturt about working in partnership with our contractors, my experience has been that the contractors/partners that really ‘get’ the type of relationship we aim to achieve are often those that stand out in areas that some providers see as just an added cost – most notably safety and environmental performance.  Clearly that is not the case with UrbanVirons and your approach to working with us for our community is to be commended.”