Rewarding – “Above and Beyond”

Posted on November 5, 2010 by

Whilst an extra cash bonus in the pay packet for a job well done, is always very welcome, are there better ways to reward staff, who consistently go ”above and beyond”?

At UrbanVirons Group we think there is.

Surprisingly, a cash bonus by itself isn’t the motivator we all think it is. Sure we all need money, but isn’t it interesting that the more we have the more we spend, and usually on bills. Very soon, along with the initial excitement, it’s all gone, just a faded memory.

So what are the motivators essential for today’s staff to go “above and beyond” and leave a lasting impression?

Well they’re up-close and personal; they’re experiential and cultural.

Acknowledgement, appreciation, contribution, teamwork, support, respect, vision, all rank ahead of a stand-alone cash bonus when it comes to exciting, motivating and rewarding people. People intrinsically want to belong, do well, and feel appreciated.

So with this in mind UrbanVirons Group in conjunction with The Real Incentive have designed a R&R program that encourages peer nomination of worthy performers, identifies what excites them, and then packages a memorable reward experience they will re-live and talk about time and again. It’s recognition from your work mates, not only of the “above and beyond” contribution made to the organisation, but the positive difference made to them.

So how are the deserving winners about to celebrate in a memorable and lasting way? Well they are about to go literally “above and beyond”. We have arranged overnight accommodation, a very early wake-up call, and then off for a hot air balloon flight over the Fleurieu Peninsula. A celebratory glass of sparkling wine, a wonderful cooked breakfast and Certificate of Flight from the pilot await them all on their return.

Now that’s exciting…that’s memorable…that’s motivational!